Mobile Stage Rental Arizona  

Quick Stage Setup

Our NEW 2017 stages offer a huge

28' X 28' and 784 square feet of non-slip coated floor space. Perfect for any medium to large-size Arizona style event.

 Large Stage Deck

Includes a custom leveling system with fully automatic electric & hydraulic legs designed for quick adjustments on uneven ground. The roof is coated with special epoxy for radiant barrier. 

 Private Suite with Lavatory

Heavy Duty Build ​​

Attached to the stage is a private room. It offers a slide-out closet which can be used for performer costumes and accessories.  The room also has a private bathroom with a sink.  

Our unique portable stage folds into a trailer which is great mobility and for tight and uneven ground areas. This translates to easier and faster set ups, significantly lower stage transport costs, and a much lower rental cost for you! 

Don't over pay for old weather beaten stages.

Call us today to get a NEW 2017 stage for your event at a lower cost

than most competitors.  

Searching for an Arizona stage rental company could be challenging. When you need to rent a stage for your next event, we have the perfect cost-effective stage rental solution. We offer brand new 2017 portable stage that accommodates almost any stage configuration, and has custom features not offered anywhere else.

Renting Stages in Arizona for:

*Concerts,  *Festivals,  *Shows,  *Expose,  

*Fundraisers,  *Community Events, *Corporate Events, 

*Political Rallies,  *Church Events, Dance Schools,  *And More....

Stop over paying for old beat up stages and call 623-326-6527 for a new stage at a guaranteed low price!

On and Off Road Mobility and Lower Rental Costs

Built in 2017 for heavy performance and durability. This stage was constructed with high grade steel framing and 1/8 aluminum sheets, both floor and roof, weighing around 10 tons (20,000 lbs.)